We’re dedicated to serving the most vulnerable people in society who have been afflicted by poverty and have nowhere to turn. We strive to provide reactive and proactive medical care and treatment to help save the lives of those who simply do not have the money they require to stay alive. See some of our existing and projects below



Why are kidneys important


Kidney play very important roles in your body including;

•  Regulating Water Levels

•  Removing Harmful Waste

•  Producing Hormones and Regulating Blood Pressure

Around 200 litres of blood pass through the kidneys every 24 hours to be filtered.  Roughly 198 litres are recovered and 2 litres of waste and extra water are removed from the body in the form of urine.


What is Kidney Disease?

Kidney disease describes a variety of disease and disorders that affect the kidneys. Most diseases of the kidney attack the filtering units of the kidneys—the nephrons—and damage their ability to eliminate wastes and excess fluids.

Kidney failure  is when the kidneys are no longer able to function as required to clean the blood properly from waste products and harmful fluids.

If the kidneys are not able to clean the blood properly waste products and fluid can build up to dangerous levels in your body. This may mean that you may develop complications like high blood pressure, anaemia (low blood count), weak bones, poor nutritional health and nerve damage. Also, kidney disease increases your risk of having heart and blood vessel disease.

Currently there is no cure for Kidney failure. The only way for people to survive is by having a machine artificially perform the role of the kidney and remove the harmful and toxic waste products and excess water from the blood.


How Dialysis works ? How often?

Dialysis is an artificial procedure that replaces normal kidney functions when a person’s kidneys can no longer function to maintain life.

Dialysis keeps the body in balance by controlling blood pressure, removing waste products, and maintaing safe blood levels in the body.

During the procedure, a tube is attached to a needle in your arm. Blood passes along the tube and into an external machine that filters it, before it’s passed back into the arm along another tube.

This is usually carried out on 2-3 days a week, with each session lasting around four hours.


Why do we need you?

The cost of performing a kidney dialysis is on average £10 per dialysis. As mentioned people with Kidney failure require dialysis 2-3 times per week. This would total a cost of £120 per month for a person to have the required dialysis treatment that they would need to remain alive.

With the average wage in Pakistan being under £200 for large portions of society, I’m sure you can see where the problem lies. Most people cannot afford to pay for their treatment that they need to stay alive, and without your donations they would surely die.

The local and national hospitals are turning patients away as they do not have enough money to undergo the treatment. These people end up selling everything they own, just so that they can afford a few sessions of Kidney Dialysis. But this is still not enough to save them.


We do not want to be in the position to have to turn people away and leave them to die.


Save a life today and sponsor the next treatment of a person in need.


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